Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First blog post - about me

Hello and welcome to my first blog. It's absolutely new experience for me so I will try not to bore You too much.

My name is Laura, I live in small and beautiful Europe country Latvia.

These are my folks- my boyfriend and my calico cat princess (both hate to be photographed) :)

I love to crochet, I don't understand knitting (two needles are too much for me. And You say there are four and five needed for socks? That's too too much.) and I don't know anything about sewing or other crafts. But I want to learn. Sometime...
But for now I keep to crochet. I make crochet flower appliques, crochet flower brooches and clothes for fashion dolls - Blythe and Barbie. Also I have started to make something bigger and have made some neckwarmers, shawls, scarfs.

I also sell what I make. I have shops on artfire, etsy, dawanda and from time to time I sell on ebay.

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