Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New outfits for Barbie, new doll for me!

Few days ago I tried to sew and as a result Blythe got new pants. But Barbie felt little bit upset that she did not get anything. So I just had to make something for her, too.  And Barbie got new mini skirt! She was so excited that agreed to pose for my online handmade doll clothes shop. We chose light orange blouse with short sleeves - it looked great with skirt! After that Barbie posed also in striped skirt (which by the way looked great with orange blouse!)

After Blythe got her new pants Barbie requested something new for her too.
So she got mini skirt - very simple and very cute.

This light orange blouse will look great both with skirt and pants
(jeans? Also great choice!)

And stripes are in fashion!
This cream and light orange striped skirt is very elegant.

And it looks good with that orange blouse!
 These and more handmade crocheted Barbie doll clothes You can find in my Loststitch Artfire studio.

Also my girls will get new friend soon - I just saw that adorable Frankie Stein (Monster High doll) in Collectable Dolls shop and I could not resist. I know I cannot aford her, but... let's say it's my birthday present for myself. Now I just have to wait while the beauty arrives...

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  1. you have a great blog there. I am a great knitter but not quiet good at crochet. I wanted to do Barbie clothes for my daughter last night but had forgotten my knitting needles at my mother's house, all I had was my crochet needle and I used your patterns to make a beautiful dress with a hat and a cape. They came out surprisingly amazing! You got me addicted to crochet myself :D. I have a blog myself, I don't know if you will like it it is called How to be Super Mom, also on blogspot, check it out it is mariasupermom.blogspot, I decided to redirect my fans to your blog because it is really very helpful!
    Goodluck, hope How to be Super Mom will become one of the blogs you follow as well!


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