Sunday, September 1, 2013

Handmade Crocheted Beads - great supply for jewelry projects

One of most popular product in my Etsy shop is crocheted beads. So I decided to tell a bit about these beads in my blog. :)

What are they made of? 
These beads are natural and are made by covering wood beads with crochet thread. Wood beads I use for them are unfinished - they don't have any varnish, they are no dyed or otherwise modified - it's just pure wood shape with drilled hole. Of course, I don;t make them myself, although I have idea of getting small turner's bench and making them myself. But it's just dream for now.

Wood beads I use for making crocheted beads -
You can find them in my shop also :)

But  let's return to the beads. I cover these beads with crochet thread - I use 100% cotton thread,  also natural material. I started with few colour choices, and now I can offer more than 60 different colours. But those beads can be made also with different type yarns - linen or wool, if You want something natural, or acrylic, if You have allergies to natural yarns.
These are 22 mm crocheted beads (cotton thread)

And these are 22 mm beads made with acrylic yarn.

How large are they?
I have different size beads - starting from tiny ones (~11-12 mm) up to 32 mm large ones.
Tiny crocheted beads - 12 mm
And large ones - 27 mm

Where can they be used? 
Crocheted beads are wonderful source for different jewelry projects.
Most popular is teething or nursing necklaces - if You are Mom, You definitely know, how hard it is to wear any jewelry, when You are with baby - they love to touch everything, chew everything, play with everything. So nursing necklaces are great accessories for Moms - they looks wonderful and are safe for babies to chew, to play with - also they are easy to clean. And they are made of.... You are absolutely right - they are made of crocheted beads and plain wood beads.
Crocheted nursing necklace.
Larger beads are 27 mm, smaller 20 mm. Size of uncovered beads are 20 mm and 18 mm.
Length of the cord is ~ 1 yard (90 cm). It is also crocheted cotton cord.

But, of course, these crocheted beads can be used also in other jewelry pieces - simple earrings will add special touch to Your look, bracelet will look very cool, too. Or necklace... By the way, hre is my favorite - I made it for sale, look at it... and made one more - for myself :)
My favorite necklace :)

Where can You get them? 
Well, You can make them Yourself - there are plenty of videos on Youtube with tutorials, how to make them (o.k., I just checked - there are not plenty of them, but still You can find something useful there :) ). Also there can written tutorials and photo tutorials - just google...

Or You can send me a note and I can make them for You! (yes, I know this was shameless self promotion :) ).

So, if You've decided, that You want some cute crocheted beads, You can do one of the following:
A) visit my shop - look at everything I have and make order! Special offer to those, who have found this post and read it :) Here is coupon code for You - BEADS7 ! All September You can get 7% discount on Your purchases (and it does include everything I have in shop), if it's larger than 15$. 

B) send me a note to sales @ kikamoracrafts. com  (when sending me e-mail, take out all empty spaces in address) with Your wishes.

Here are colours You can choose:

 As for price - it depends on bead size and amount - more You buy, less You pay per bead :)

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