Friday, September 23, 2011

Dolls, dolls and more dolls...

I know I haven't written quite long time. Very many things have happened - all august I was very busy with few large custom orders and on September... well, I got a job! Real day job. I start to feel little bit less scared about how to survive. But it means also, that I won't have enough time for crafting. I work only two weeks for now and I have not made ANYTHING within these two weeks. Sad... :(

But enough about sad things. Here are some great news - my doll family now has few more members :) So, let me introduce:

Frankie is 11" fashion doll from Mattel company. Her full name is Frankie Stein.
"Frankie Stein is only 15 days old, created by her dad, a mad scientist. She has green skin, stitches, and bolts, and is new to Monster High. She is the daughter of Dr. Frankeinstein's monster and his bride (from Wikipedia)
For me Frankie is adorable creature, very romantic and very girly.
Here, meet my Frankie (clothes made by me :) ):
Likes to pose....

...but not for too long...

There is something mysterious in this girl...

And here is other romantic girl - little bit more grown-up - meet Rihanna!
Rihanna's real name is Reese, she is Dynamite girl. I fell in love with her hair color and... here she is - elegant, flirty and very self conscious.

Hello, I'm Rihanna...

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As You can see - I love dolls with articulated bodies :) But it is not so important - sometimes I just like some small detail in the doll and other things don't seem important anymore.

Next doll I want You to meet is from 80' (I bought her as model of 1981, but I think it's 1984 after all) - meet Sintya!
Her real name is Sindy and reason I wanted her - her face impression. I cannot define what it was, but it was something special I saw. So i got her :)

And my last doll (but, believe me, not for long ;) ) - well, guess what - it's a boy! I had never thought that I would buy male doll, but... at first, Frankie needed company (ok., she actually needed boyfriend), and at second... I don't know - may be it was just my weakness - cute doll, great price, articulated body... So, meet  Jackson - male doll from Monster High doll series (he is only one I haven't made clothes for yet so he is posing in his original outfit):

As you can see - he is gentleman - flowers for girl - it's so sweet, isn't it?

And girls cannot resist... :)

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