Thursday, January 3, 2013

New year...

The new year has begun. I barely have had time for myself - hobbies, crafts, life - lately. Well, let's say - I felt like robot last 6 months - my dayjob took all my resources. I can't say I did not like my job - I loved it. I still do. But I had to make decision - job or health. So I did. I have to work 2 more weeks and then I'm unemployed again. That means - I will have time for crafting and dolls.
Yep, since last post here my doll "family" has grown. Total number for now - 44 dolls. I don't think this number will grow much more, but now all these "people" need clothes, accessories, space...
As for clothes... I played a bit and here are some dresses for fashion dolls. Model for these dresses - Barbie Fashionista, but dresses fit also Silkstone Barbie, Fashion Royalty dolls, Liv dolls.

Hot pink and black strapless dress. Also matching handbag.
Strapless dress in black-grey-white shades. Comes together with matching shawl
and black "pearl" necklace.
Blue and light green combination - summer dress, scarf and headband.

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